Carter's INX, 10136 Fountain Pen, Coralite Lacquer w/Gold Fill Trim - VP4653

Lever filler; gorgeous coral red and orange mottled barrel and cap with no discoloration; very crisp and complete barrel imprint; very crisp clip imprint; crisp 10136 barrel end imprint; no brassing of gold fill trim or clip; 14 karat gold Carter INX FIRM/EXTRA FINE nib; 4-1/4" capped, and 5-1/2" open with posted cap; barrel end and cap top appear to have "chew" marks which I did not attempt to alleviate, otherwise good plus overall condition with no nicks, chips or cracks; RESTORED AND WORKING.

With minor variations, the numbering code (10136) indicated material, color, pen and nib size.